A,company profile
Zhejiang WEIGANG machinery Co., Ltd. (Formerly: Ruian Donghai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.) is professional printing manufacturer which involves R&D, production, marketing and service.
Our company established in April, 2000, currently has 219 workers. We have ground of 26000 square meter and 29000 square meter construction scale.
Our main products are ZX-320 intermittent label offset printing machine, ZBS series flexo printing machine, WQM series flat bed die-cutting machine, WQ series silk screen printing machine, ZM series rotary/semi rotary die-cutting machine and ZB series auto inspecting machine.
The products are well sold worldwide: china mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, Latin America, America, middle east, east Asia, etc.
Zhejiang WEIGANG Machinery is the leading manufacturer in narrow label printing field in China.

B, sales and annual turnover
Advanced design concepts, excellent product quality, sincere management strategy, well found marketing network and perfect after-sales service system, WEIGANG has already won the trust and support from customs at home and abroad.
Since the year of 2007, our sales turnover:
Year 2007: RMB51360000
Year 2008: RMB77040000
Year 2009: RMB117870000
Year 2010: RMB177980000
Year 2011: RMB270530000
Zhejiang WEIGANG machinery started cooperation with BST as an exclusive agent in China from January, 2012. ZB series auto inspecting machine is already in mass production. We can see the year turnover can be increased by 20% at least.
Our company never delays the salary or gets loan from bank, the fixed assets property increase stably, now already exceed 0.1billion.
Enough cash flow ensures our factory grows healthy and stability.

C, Company culture
As we understand there are three kinds of companies
the first  and best kind of companies sell culture
the second kind of companies sell technology
the last kind of companies sell products
We are always strives for the top-ranking enterprise. WEIGANG machinery bases on humanized management system and insists workers first, stick to the motto: boss works for management, management works for production, production works for sales, sales works for users, which constantly improves itself and pursuits the excellence.
1, Strengthening worker’s professional ethics and work skills training
At the beginning of each year, the human resources office will make training schedule and send teachers to train the staff regularly on the relevant skills.
It is planed that staff will get trained 4 times per month (1.5hours every Friday afternoon). The training includes ethics, Industry standards, safety and labor skills. Management will also get trained twice a month in order to improve their professional ethics, technique level, management level, communicative skills and personal relations.
All these trainings strengthen the worker’s sense of responsibility, cohesion and unity.
We now have workers with college diploma or above 36.5%; high school 49.2%; middle school 14.2%, and 87% workers has the working license.
2, welfare and salary
Zhejiang WEIGANG machinery follows state laws & regulations and makes contract with every worker. We offer dormitory with bathroom, air condition, water heater, TV set…freely. What’s more, we provide reading room, gym room, karaoke room for the staff to have fun during the leisure time.
Workers also can enjoy the national statutory holiday as well as arranged company travel once a year.
Regarding the salary, company community will talk with workers face to face and come to the mutual agreement together. The more you work, the more you get. There’s also a 10% salary increase based on the working year increase.
Quiet, safe, comfortable working & staying, reasonable salary and welfare, workers do feel WEIGANG is their common home.
3, staff building
Staff turnover rate of WEIGANG keeps around 1% and important posts keeps still. In the meanwhile, WEIGANG works together with several universities, such as ZHEJIANG UNNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY and WENZHOU VOCATIONAL & TECHNICAL COLLEGE, every year we will have new college graduates, reserves the talents and ensure the stability of front line workers.

D, Honor
Zhejiang WEIGANG machinery co., ltd. is not only the director of China Printing Machinery Association, but also the leader of narrow label printing in china. At present, the R&D capability, scale of production, quality standard, sales turnover, human resource, brand name, and intellectual property rights of WEIGANG are ranking top in China printing industry field.
WEIGANG is the first industry-standard drafting company who won the national high-tech enterprises, the national innovation fund and the national torch plan. We have 3 patents, 12 utility model patents and own a complete independent intellectual property system.

E, Contribution to the society
To be a successful enterprise, besides qualified products, jobs and tax, the most important thing is to contribute to the society. Since our company moved to songqiao industrial area of Pingyang in October, 2009, social responsibility is always in WEIGANG’s mind. We attend the elderly activities, local charity activities as well as other society activities.
We helped the poor village—Linxi village, opened a primary school there which helps many children enter the new school buildings.
WEIGANG is honored as “charity star”, “harmonious enterprise” …

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